In love with Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber

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When this goes live on Barnes & Noble’s website, surely it will be  a condensed book review.  You, my lucky one, get to digest the whole meal.


To say that this book touched my spirit is an absolute understatement.

This memoir—this intimate revelation—of one’s memory of falling in love with the Way, the Truth and the Light was so powerful, I fell in love with God all over again.

For almost all my life (there was a time when paganism was more innate than inimical) I have called myself a Christian.  It was not until 2007 that saying so was no longer enough—I started actively pursuing a deeper understanding.  Therefore, when reading the author’s words about this gigantic step forward in her life, I could totally relate.  It doesn’t hurt to add that her vocabulary and love for words/literature warmed my heart, too.  Come on now, she used enwombed at one point!  *Romantically sighs while squeezing a dictionary.*  Mmmm, sweet palpable idioms…I’m already lost in her website (although nowhere as full as her book) just so I don’t have to go too long without her way with words.

Before Carolyn Weber was known as a professor of Romantic Literature, she was Carolyn Drake, a pragmatic young woman with emotional scars and vague understanding of the Spirit.  The story starts with her departure from London, Canada into the pomp and circumstance of the University of Oxford.  (Okay, give me a second to tell you just how much this smartypants of a woman rocks to me: Click this link to read her biography; and, instead of starting from the top of the page, read her professional biography first and then return to the top.  She’s a spirited nerd like me, lol!)

Not too long after her arrival, she develops a diverse band of brothers, if you will, who challenge her consumption levels in more ways than just tea and beers.  She finds her agnostic/atheist steps are tip-toeing closer towards the edge of reasoning and Christ.

I can’t break this down well enough for a beautiful synopsis, you get that, right?!  Chapter upon chapter, there’s juicy quotes to share and I just cannot pick one!  From her interweaving of poetics and literature, to her internal dialogue, it’s just a darn good book, ladies and gents.

Ugh!  Maybe I should come back to this after I’ve had more than a day away from the book?!  My mother-in-love can attest for my excitement, lol!  I left her a voicemail moments after finishing the book, making noises usually heard from those deeply in love with food.  Which would be me, still.

*Thinks of another example.*  A woman’s love for chocolate.  Those wanton noises and oh-my-God-it’s-sooooo-good lines we throw around.  That was me.  On a voicemail.  I don’t care.  But don’t you judge me.

I’ll attempt a review tomorrow.  For now, you figure out how you’re going to get your hands on this read.  I’m keeping this one, no giveaways this time!

~ Ashley


2 thoughts on “In love with Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber

  1. Twyla Griffin

    Yes, the voicemail is the greatest review of this book! LOL. Words are powerful, but words that speak to the love of God are priceless! Where can I get the book?

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