Embracing the Awakening

We are lost in the darkness.  All of us, even you.

There is a universal, astronomical twilight occurring, if you will; and, we are moments from the sunlight.  During this darkness, the visibility of heaven is impossible.  Only the illumination, the awe-inspiring stars enwombed in the air, can be felt.

This is the awakening, ladies and gentlemen.  God is more present now than fathomable.  And our only direction is to stand firm in faith through the dark.  There’s so much to contend with these days–challenges of our faith, demands for its justification–it has the power to bring us down.  Have you considered standing in the face of such adversity and asking, “What more does God need to say or do to prove what He’s already said?”

What a powerful question!  Look at in action…

Us: “I wish I had more money.”

God: “I AM Jehovah-Jireh.” (Genesis 22:13-14)

Us: “I feel so lost.”

God: “I AM Jehovah-Rohi.” (Psalm 23:1)

Us: “I have no one to talk to.”

God: “I AM counselor.” (Isaiah 9:6)

There are many, many examples, and God said all this long before you and I were ever thought of!  God placed Himself as the most high of all things by telling Moses that He is the “I AM.”  He has never had a reason to lie.  So why be afraid now?  This is the awakening, sisters and brothers!  This is the time to share our faith even more fearlessly!

Take a moment to look at this list and come to the realization—the awakening—that words like “liar,” “con,” “phony,” or anything else negative aren’t listed.  That not what our Savior is.  Open your eyes to His impossible strength and His hands.  Let Him work through you every day.

Come out of the darkness.  We are the salt and light…He said so…and it’s time.

~ Ashley


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