Honk if you love censorship!

My husband and I recently watched a movie in currently in theaters that actually made me feel like I was too young to watch.  Never mind the fact that I can legally watch any rating I want these days…it was too racy.

We shared a few chuckles here and there with over movie-goers, but I walked out of the theater feeling like I was robbed of a genuinely good laugh.  All of this because the movie wanted to push the envelope.  Have I reached a point…the point…in my life where I’ll be protesting the importance of ethical integrity in our entertainment avenues?  Will I start waiving my proverbial white cross *coughs* I mean, flag*cough cough* around in angst?


Courtesy of rafu.com

Not quite.  I’m a fan of artistic expression and it might not always appeal to my desires.  Therefore, I’ll just make a better effort to equip myself with information about what I watch.

For those of you who are parents (or just concerned citizens with our media choices these days) I recommend that you visit Plugged In every once in a while.  Plugged In, powered by Focus on the Family, is one of many online tools to help you discern whether or not your entertainment choice might have an adverse effect on your youngster(s) and/or yourself.

Be forewarned, some of the opinions can be rather biased.  A consensus, however, can still be made after reading a review if a movie, game, TV show, or any other form of media is “good” for you and yours.

Here’s a review on one of my new favorite shows.  I don’t agree with the closing arguments, but I believe the review gives an accurate account of the show’s premise.  Why don’t you look up your favorite show, game, etc., on Plugged In and see what it says and if you agree?  I dare you.

I double-dog dare you!

~ Ashley


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