SPECS ON Psalm 23

Okay, this wasn’t the easiest to break down, honestly.  There were no new revelations from when I first did this in June, either.  The good thing, however, is the fact that this Psalm is very clear on what God’s promises are.

Here we go!

I used the following Bible versions: KJV, MSG and ASV

S – Sin I need to forsake: Doubting the Lord

P – Promise I need to claim: verse 1, verse 6

E – Example I need to follow: David’s willingness to declare God’s awesomeness

C – Command I need to obey: verse 4

S – Stumbling block I need to avoid: Fear and unnecessary want

O – Obedience needed: Fearing no evil is something I have to do.  I’ve learned to not be in want in a variety of difficult ways (I didn’t learn the lesson the first 14 imes or so…give or take 30.) but I let fear ruin me sometimes.  God’s with me, who could be against me?

Father, I trust you.  Continue to bless my life with opportunities to strengthen this trust everyday.  Amen.

N – New information learned: From MSG, David already understood that God made concrete promises.  He used verse 3 to reiterate this understanding by saying God was being “true to form.”

Father, I trust you.  I believe the Apostle’s Creed and profess that You are with me, so anyone and anything formed against me shall not prosper!  Amen.



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