SPECS ON Galatians ch. 5

Way back on June 8, 2011, I shared a Bible study method called SPECS ON and was supposed to make good on sharing my first outline.  Well…I did the outline, but never posted it.  Whaaaaat?!  Yeah, yeah, my bad.  With as much going on within this blog as I dish out, it’s easy to see how I forgot.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share a new outline with you today, and I’ll post the old (forgotten) one next week after I revisit it to see if new things are revealed to me.  Without further delay, here is my SPECS ON Galatians ch. 5!  (Remember, it’s an outline.  You’ll have to go into your Bible to understand it!)

Bible versions used: King James, New King James and New International

S – Sin I need to forsake: verses 19-21

P – Promise I need to claim: By living in the Holy Spirit, the promises of God are mine

E – Example I need to follow: verses 22-23

C – Command I need to obey: verse 14; verses 16-18; verses 25-26

S – Stumbling block I need to avoid: verse 15

O – Obedience needed: Because of what I have learned, I will become a better “doer” of the Word by sharing verses 22-23 with the world around me.  I will, especially, work towards these goals within my marriage.

God, I ask in the name of Your son, Jesus, that You have mercy on me for my faults.  I ask that You continue to provide me with opportunities to become stronger and to obey Your Word.  Amen.

N – New information learned: I learned a few words I’d never seen before, actually.  I didn’t learn anything new about God, but I did learn that I had a serious habit of embracing dissension.  This is a past sin that God answered my prayers on by showing me how to improve.

Lord, I thank You for the living truth in your Word.  I thank You for the forgiveness that You have readily given me when I have not be worthy.  Thank you, Father, for directing me in the right path.  Amen.

~ Ashley


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