Say “yes” or “no”

My blog just told me that this is my 73rd post.  Wow…that’s a whole lot of writing, lol.  That’s…*does the math*…like, 24 entries a month.  Geeze!  Well, apparently, I have awesome things to share with you!  In fact, check out this awesome clip below.

If you’re anything like me, you chuckled maybe once or twice during this.  By the time the short came to a close, however, you felt a little ashamed. You’ve done this, haven’t you? I’m going to throw it out there and admit that I’ve “prayed about it” on a few things inside and outside the church walls. It’s okay, admit that you have, too. There’s no salvation in not admitting your sins, you know.

This isn’t to convict you, but to inform you that folks know what this line means. Sure, it might seem like you’re letting them down easily… indiscreetly…but they can comprehend that it means “no.” This falls right into the realm of being too worried about disappointing others by saying “no.” We cannot do it all. And the little bit that we can do should be directed with God in mind. Don’t lie to your brothers and sisters, folks. Let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no.



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