Journals! Journals, I say!

Long before blogs became a popular avenue for recording one’s thoughts there was the diary.  Locked (un-)safely away in your sister’s second dresser drawer with a flimsy lock, the diary was the ideal place to store all secrets.  The colored, pre-dated sheets kept you right on target with recording your life’s moments.  Or, at least, hiding that crush you had on Bobby Turner from the masses.

They all knew, honey.  They all knew.

At some point though, the diary gave way to the journal.  When you made your way into the church bookstore and saw all those wonderful, dateless pages bound together, you lost your marbles.  Suddenly, you had a journal to record the sermon notes.  And there was a journal to keep up with random messages heard during church announcements.  Most recently, you’ve incorporated a lovely leather-bound journal to help you keep reference of what’s in your other two journals.

If this sounds like you, you’re a Christian journal fanatic.

From NOTW paraphernalia to that snazzy one you found while standing in Walgreen’s, you simply cannot help yourself.  You can make a reason—out of no reason, mind you—to add another journal to your collection.  I’m not judging you, I’m not even against it…but we do have a problem on our hands here.  I cannot fathom taking notes in the wrong journal, but I’m always looking for something to jot random notes on.  Why haven’t I purchased a random notes journal?  Because I have a purpose for each journal and randomness is not one of them, thank you very much.

I was considering uploading a photo of my journals but I can’t get my hands on all of them.  Maybe later?  What about you and your journals?!



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