Reading anything good?

Sometime this past June I was exposed to Telling the Truth, a ministry developed by the Briscoe family over the course of 40 years.  Ever so often, I receive something in the mail from them with uplifting tidbits of information and options to donate.  Pete Briscoe developed a book that I’ll be reviewing and sharing with you all soon.  I’m still working my way through Why God Won’t Go Away by Alister McGrath, but I can definitely read more than one thing at once. *Winks*

The book by Briscoe has several points that will make for great Open Learning topics, nonetheless.  I got it for free and will gladly pass it along when I’m finished.  (P.S.  Shout out to E. Rivers in Nebraska for getting my last book for free!  I was going to do a big thing about it but…I forgot.)  What good book are you reading besides the Good Book?




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