Properly portion that plate, okay?

First off, you totally have to check this homemade goldfish crackers recipe experience out!  And now on to today’s topic: Have you considered your commitment against your goals?

While reading Get-It-Done-Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips today by Stever Robbins, I ran across an entry on having too much on your plate.  I’m known for having too much on my plate, but I woke up today with a personal resolve to clean my “dish” and put proper portions on my plate.  I simply cannot “eat” much more.

Basically, Robbins says that we have to remember what our goals are, match our commitments to our goals, and whatever doesn’t line up, we drop.  It’s that simple!  (Okay, he understands that it’s not always that cut and dry, but I’m still going to give his approach a shot.)

Also, I downloaded a great ebook for free from Michael Hyatt’s website (great man, that Michael Hyatt.  Download your free copy today!) that is a guide for creating a roadmap of sorts for one’s life.  I’m excited to say that it’s a great read thus far and very easy to do.  I feel like my plate will be nice and inviting soon!

How’s your plate looking?  Where’s your God portion?  Is He a measly scoop of veggies, or a mighty helping?  Is He the most nourishing portion?  God—spiritually, actually—is like my mashed potatoes right now: I love them, I pile them on, I eat too much; I get gassed up and avoid it for a while. 

That’s not how it should be.  It won’t stay this way much longer, either.

So, you there, what’s piling your plate too high right now and what are YOU going to do about it?  In the name of Jesus, be free!



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