Pray for Japan.

Save Japan Free Christian Wallpaper

My heart broke when my coworker came back to her desk and said thatJapan just had another earthquake.  Not even a decent amount of time removed from March’s terrifying event (and the 5th most powerful earthquake in the world), the residents of northeast Japan greated Thursday with a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. 

Many of us (yes, us) were too selfish to donate to the Japanese because we believed they didn’t need the help.  Many of us didn’t send relief funds because we were still upset about Pearl Harbor.  Well…it’s time to get real, people.  Our brothers and sisters are hurting.

Please consider finding an authorized charity to donate to that will send funds and good to Japan.  I ask that you please soften your heart and pray the prayer below.

Lord, we, Your children, thank You for Your grace and mercy.  We are blessed to call you Father and not ashamed to call Your name.  We ask right now, in the name of Your son Jesus, that You touch the people of Japan and heal their pain.  Help them to remember to be still and know that You are God, and that they are loved and cared for.  Reunite familes that might have been apart when this earthquake began.  Gather Your people unto You at this time.  In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.NOTW Splatter Free Christian Wallpaper


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