My Dad Rocks!

A sincere happy Father’s Day (or Uncle’s Day) to all the gentlemen out there!  Have you wished God a happy Father’s Day?!

Let me tell you about my (earthly) Daddy.  He’s a nerdy character with a goofy sense of humor.  More importantly, he’s become more of a hero to me this past year.  It can’t be easy to be widowed, own and manage a successful business; and to prepare your youngest daughter for her senior year of high school and transition into college life.  He did it.

So, to my beloved Pa-Pa, I’m grateful for…

  • the fact that he believes putting ice on something fixes everything, kind of like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding thought Windex fixed everything
  • the Daddy Daughter Dances he took me to, encouraging my dance fever early on
  • his remedy for sore throats: Vernor’s ginger ale and vanilla ice cream mixed together
  • getting me hooked on hot sauce when I was temporarily blind (boy, could I see after that!)
  • him teaching me to appreciate sports
  • driving me to high school every morning my freshman and sophomore years, allowing us 20 minutes of time together before his work schedule kept him away for hours on in
  • his extended financial stability, even when I didn’t deserve it
  • him taking on the responsibilities of a step-daughter at the age of 22 and never looking back.
I love you, Daddy, beyond what words could ever say.  I get choked up everytime I speak of you, and it’s because you mean the world to me!
~ Ashley

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