Politically Dumped for the Right Reason

Let’s start this off right by informing you that this is not a politically charged entry.  My red, blue or neutral stance will not be touched.  Now, I wanna talk about Newt.

Recent news (check the video out after the jump) announced that Republican Newton “Newt” Gingrich got dumped by his senior staffers because they didn’t agree with his “approach to campaigning.”  Some have interpreted this as code for not liking Gingrich’s wife, Callista.  Well, I say more power to the Gingrich family.  Why?  Newt put his marriage first, not the whims of his staffers.

Albeit married 3 times, I am convinced that his constant desire to be married has given him the tools to do THIS marriage “right.”  Callista and Newt came together by way of extramarital affair (as did his second wife) but I believe that his conversion to Cathlocism gave him a new perspective on the importance of a strong marriage.  This is not to say that his Southern Baptist upbringing didn’t have such an influence…but he cheated his tail off ’til he met Callista and converted.

Her wishes are his wishes and vice-versa.  They share ideals, fight for causes and still date one another.  Like Nancy Reagan (but in a slightly more controlling manner) Callista is the protector of her husband.  God wants wives to be protectors of our husbands, and He wants our husbands to protect us as well.

So…whatevs on the loss of staffers.  He’s winning the greater experience by miles—the experience of a successful marriage.

I sure do hope these words don’t come back to bite me in the butt years from now when/if he can’t keep his hands to himself…*rolls eyes*

~ Ashley



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