My Pants are NOT on Fire Today, Mister.

You: “Hi there, how are you?  Everything’s going well?  Praise God!”

Friend/Associate/Pet: “And how are you doing?”

You: “Me?  Oh…I’m…doing well, too.”

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There’s a thin line between complaining and letting some steam off, but I’m gonna put it out there and say that we’re all entitled to a rant here or there.  I’m not gonna have my pants on fire by saying things are “okay” when they very well might not be.

What if your loved one said things were okay, but they’re actually deep in debt?  You might have had a similar experience and can help them work their way out of it, or at least be an occasional shoulder to lean on.

Take my feet, for example.  (No, really, take my feet for a couple of days and bring ’em back when they’re not inflamed.  A big thanks to you.)  I’m experiencing foot and heel issues right now and I’m struttin’ around with a pink cane.  I’ve gone all my life without a cane, so if someone sees me with it now and I just say that I’m okay, do you think they’re going to take me seriously?!  I explain it to some folks who genuinely care, and give a general response to those who are just nosy, but I believe it’s God allowing me an opportunity to get the steam off of my…well, feet.

Or what about your coworker who clearly looks like something’s going on, but you don’t want to get involved?  Why not ask them to lunch and NOT bring up anything negative?!  The fact that you’re being a friend to them might be enough for them to open up (hopefully within reason) and confide in you.

Now, understand, this does not mean have a talk show/soap opera moment with just anyone.  It does, however, mean that you cannot use a friend every now and then.  Even the ones that might drive you cuckoo for cocoa puffs can renew hope and faith.  It’s all in how God uses us!

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Let the Jesus in you love the Jesus in others today, and stop lying to one another.  Your pants’ll catch on fire.

~ Ashley


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