In Learn to Study the Bible* by Andy Deane, method number eight uses the acronym SPECS ON as a devotional Bible study method to try.  Deane says that this method “works in much the same way as a pair of eyeglasses—it brings clarity to God’s Word.”  Also, you can learn more about this method by checking out Creative Bible Study Methods by Ray E. Baughman.

I promised that I would introduce new and exciting ways to explore the Bible starting today, so here’s the steps on how to this method.

Step 1: Select a chapter and read it three times

The key here is to honestly take your time and read the details of the passage.  Deane states, “As you read, look for some practical insight on how to become more like Jesus.”

Step 2: Ask yourself what…

On pages 62-63 of the book, Deane instructs:

On a blank chart, write the acronym—SPECS ON—down the left hand side of the sheet, leaving room on the right for your findings.  During this step we’ll only deal with the SPECS part.  Each time the Lord shows you something that matches on of these categories write it down in the appropriate space.  You do not have to try to answer the questions in order.  You may not always be able to answer all of the questions—that’s okay.  The point is to slow down and think through what you’re reading; developing an eye so you can see what God is making clear in His Word.  Ask yourself, what…

SSin I need to forsake

PPromise I need to claim

EExample I need to follow

CCommand I need to obey

SStumbling block I need to avoid

OObedience needed

NNew information learned

Step 3: Obedience needed (apply the Scriptures)

Consider, and write down, what you can (and will!) do differently because of what you just learned from the passage.  Make time to thank God for the new knowledge, and for asking Him for strength to follow through with integrity and faith.

Step 4: New information learned

Review your findings and meditate on everything revealed to you by God.  (Don’t know much about meditating?  We’ll be exploring it in the (More) Open Learning blog next week!)

I challenge you to grab one of your favorite Bible verse and break it down using the SPECS ON method.  I’ll be diving into a verse from Psalm 23 and posting my study asap.  Please share your findings, too!

~ Ashley

*If you’re interested in owning the book, ask me how to save over 30% on your purchase!


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