(Not really) Knowing the Word of God

The Bible can be intimidating for many people.  With various versions, focus groups and translations, the Word can…well, get lost in translation.   Also, many people completely misquote the Bible.  I mean, seriously misquote it, to the point of creating scripture that never existed.  After coming off of the non-ending of the world, Christians are being laughed at more and more.

This sucks.  Yup, I said it.  And WE have to do something about it.

The clip above features a book that’s changing my life and I cannot wait to share some of the things I’m learning with you!  On Wednesday, I’m taking you on a new Open Learning journey, and the (More) Open Learning blog will be open with fabulous learning tools.  Oh, it’s SO exciting!  *Jumps up and down and claps*

We’re going to equip one another with the tools necessary to share the Word properly!




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