Should Christians be a Member of a Church?

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This topic is doing a number on me.  I’ve been away from my church home, Hope United Methodist Church, for almost 2 years.   And, since becoming a Southern California resident, I’ve only visited 3 churches in that time frame.  Church was a very important part of my upbringing, from the southern Baptist one I was reared in, to the ones my family visited when we relocated to Detroit; and, finally, to Hope, where I proclaimed myself a believer during adult confirmation.

The more I explore what it means to be a Christian, the more I find myself torn over the physical structure known as the church.  I’m not the only one either, as Google alone pulled up over 41 million hits when I started searching for opinions on the importance of Christians in church.

The Victorious Network, an online resource for Christians, presented an article on the importance of Christians in church that highlights the Bible’s response to this question: it’s a necessity because it’s an expression of our love for God.

Through church attendance, we are able to fellowship with other Christians.  The body of Christ is joined together for strength in prayer, leadership, and guidance.  When we come together to worship and exalt the Lord, it’s an amazing feeling.  The Holy Spirit moves through the church and gives us the loving push we need to stand on the Word.  What about churches that aren’t doing right by the Lord’s will?

The physical structure of a church is just that, a physical structure.  Those in attendance, however, make the church experience a positive or negative one.  Perhaps that’s why there has been a resurgence of small, in-home churches.  A small group grants its members more control than falling in with the numbers of a mega church.  Also, small group members can create the church experience of their desires, as there’s no large governing body.  Even non-denominational churches have departed from what most of know as “church” by creating unique, custom-designed experiences.

I want to belong to a church family.  I want to use my talents in a positive environment.  I am a member of the body of Christ already, and there’s no church greater than that, but there’s got to be something of importance to/for Christians when in attendance of a church.




8 thoughts on “Should Christians be a Member of a Church?

  1. Patti (PJ)

    Hey Ashley! thanks for the comment on “Church Membership”. While I kind of understand the “push for membership” in a church because of business reasons, I have never read in the Bible that it is a “heaven or hell” issue. I believe God said not to forsake the assembling of ourselves for the reason of keeping each other encouraged and accountable as Christians. As well as meeting in one mind and one accord to worship and praise God. I also think He states this so that we will congregate with our shepherd and allow Him to do the job God called him to do which is the leading of the flock. As far as having my name on a Roll Call just so I can be one who is called on to do things for the church or be responsible for certain things in the church (except for Ministries) I disagree. I feel that this should be done because someone wants to not because they are obligated to do things.
    As far as Ministries such as teaching Sunday school or Children’s Church, yes, I believe one should be a member, because one needs to make sure they are well versed in the doctrine which they teach and are sure of their faith as well as the knowledge of their faith in case questions are asked.
    Oops! I didn’t mean to write a whole post in your comment section! Maybe I could use this as my post tomight on my blog! LOL! NOT!
    God Bless,

    1. TheSpiritedNerd Post author

      LOL, no apologies, PJ! What you have to say is good for everyone who reads the blog, so rant on! Thank you for stopping by, and I’m looking into the follow issue. I have a few subscribers, but I’m always moving things around on here.

      ~ Ashley

  2. Nicole Kirksey

    Hello there, my fellow Detroiter! 🙂 I’m familiar with the great work that Hope UMC does for the community, and I’m sure you miss worshiping there. My home church in Detroit is Detroit World Outreach in Redford (

    My family and I have moved around the country over the past four years, and it’s been difficult to get re-acclimated to new churches, procedures, styles of worship, etc. My husband and I are committed to ALWAYS belonging (however the body defines that) to a local congregation. We both thrive under the accountability and support that is available from fellowshipping regularly with a specific group of believers.

    I have a heart for creative ministries–home churches, study groups, urban missions, even online fellowship communities. I believe that these can serve a similar purpose to local, more traditional worship bodies.

    As long as believers are tithing (yes!), growing spiritually, have accountability and support built in to their worship and fellowship experience, share their faith with others through witnessing and discipling, and offer their own gifts and talents to the body, I believe that meets the definition of “membership,” and reflects the desires of the Lord as described in scripture.

  3. Keven Card

    I’ve recently struggled with this question thinking that watching church online would be adequate; but I found that it removes the accountability factor. You may be seeing the message but you’re not held accountable to live it. Physically going to church keeps you faithful to God’s plan for your life. It is just that simple. Thank you for sharing this. It really has been helpful to me.

    1. TheSpiritedNerd Post author

      Accountability. I “forgot” about that! Yes, there is a sense of accountability involved with actually attending service. Keven, I’m actually flattered that you stopped by my blog. I was SO blown away by yours, so thank you!


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