Looking Fear in the Eyes! (And…crying a lil’…)

Have you ever started your day knowing that something you don’t want to happen is going to happen?  And when this something does happen, you say it in your head.  You know the phrase from childhood that I’m talking about: “I’ve jinxed myself.”

Well, I couldn’t fathom the phrase or much else except OH MY GOD, IT’S HAPPENING! just ten minutes ago when I was stuck in an old elevator.  *Press play on the theme music from Psycho*

Photo courtesy of http://www.pffft.co.za

I secretly refer to myself as Chicken Boo sometimes.  I mean, any 6-foot chicken with a rudimentary disguise who can fool humans into thinking he’s, well, a human, is alright with me!  I’m not quite that tall…and I don’t have feathers…but I do have chicken-like tendencies when it comes to my long list of fears.

Okay, now wait, please hear me out!  I’m not walking around in perpetual worry—God’s watched me through too much in my short life so I don’t live that way—but I do have some things that I’ll do whatever I can to avoid.  Like reptiles.  And swimming…*sighs*…

Cold water in my face.  (Reminds me of drowning.)

Swiftly putting gasoline pumps back.  (Got gasoline sprayed in my face years ago while filling my Mama’s car up.  On my birthday.  Spent it in the emergency room getting my eyes flushed out.  It was cold water, too…ties back in with that fear of cold water in my face…)

Burns, boils and abrasions.

Lectures on mathematics.

And getting stuck in an elevator.  On a 75-year-old luxury ship that happens to be haunted.

Look, I know that my list is rather unique, if not rather pathetic, but I’ve got my reasons to back my fear!

Nonetheless, since I’m typing I’m obviously out of the elevator and safe.  I’m just a little frazzled because I knew this was going to happen today.  That wasn’t “intuition,” that was the Holy Spirit warning me.

~ Ashley


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