Christians ARE funny, too!

Yesterday evening while on my way to a Taco Tuesday kinda dinner with my husband, my mother-in-love (or, for some of you out there…mother-in-law *dum dum dummmm*) and I were talking about all kinds of stuff.  We always have great conversations about any- and everything, so yesterday was no different.

When we got around to discussing media, I remember I made a comment about finding wholesome things to watch and listen to thanks to the Internet.  I believe I made a comment sometime ago about reforming my “raunchy” sense of humor and I’m working on it.  So, my Open Learning focus this Wednesday is on humor.

In May of last year, Doug Lanksy, a writer for The Huffington Post, wrote a little sentence that made a lot of sense: “If you happen to believe that God possesses all qualities, then presumably that would include a sense of humor.”   He’s our Father, after all, and we know that our God-given parent(s) can find a moment or two to laugh.  Why would God be any different?  Well, I mean, yeah, He has that whole omnipotent thing going on, but I’m sure He can laugh!

I got a good feeling He gets a chuckle from Tim Hawkins.  If you know anything about the YouTube parody hits, “Cletus Take the Reel,” “I Can Only Eat margarine,” or “A Homeschool Family,” you are fully aware of how funny Tim can be.  There’s not a curse word involved, and it’s nothing about it that younger audiences can’t hear.  I believe God wants, and needs, us to have a sense of humor, but it has to be clean fun.

If you feel uncomfortable saying it around your dear grandma, it just shouldn’t work.

I know there are things that are definitely adult humor, but even that doesn’t have to be too extreme.  I’m seeking it all out, and I’m going to share it with you as much as possible.

If all else fails and you still don’t believe that the Lord has a sense of humor, try to make plans for yourself without first consulting Him.  Guess who’ll be laughing then?


P.S.  Listen to what Tim Hawkins has to say about the message that hand sanitizer gives to folks visiting a church for the first time here.


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