The Most Misused Biblical Term

My family and friends are aware that I’m striving to find my place as a teacher in the Christian community.  I’m learning as much as I can about various denominations, movements, and everything in between on a daily basis.  And, although my Bible reading is still lacking (I keep envisioning a non-stop reading and studying session.  Not sure if this is a premonition but it looks great!), finding something to read about Christianity is an effortless thing each day.

So, today’s makes-you-go-hmm reading is featured in RELEVANT Magazine and is about the most misused Biblical term.  It was interesting to me not because I honestly hear it from folks quite often, but because I never saw this word as different from what the writer describes it as.  I dunno…it’s a good read either way.

Sometime soon, probably during my 4am writing, I’ll share some goodies from that I think you’ll enjoy.  Until then, have a blessed day!

~ Ashley


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