Lisa Miller’s take on tech and church

Just popped onto to get my morning news and found a posting in their Belief Blog that, honestly, makes me feel a little uneasy.  Author Lisa Miller shares interesting facts and expresses concern over what technology today has done/will do to organized religion.

I enjoy(ed) church, and believe that the gathering of God’s people is a very important part of the Christian experience.  I also, however, believe that technology has been a great benefit to Christianity because the Word can reach more people, faster, and through various outlets.  It keeps us from having to succumb to the “Christians are lame” stereotype…we’ve got PowerPoint now!

What do you think of Miller’s entry?  Is technology possibly blotting out the church experience?

~ Ashley


One thought on “Lisa Miller’s take on tech and church

  1. Twyla Griffin

    Interesting reading. I don’t believe technology can replace the church experience only enhance the experience. For example, Pastor has recently “challenged” us to take our phones out and text someone to come to 2nd service. This is definitely growth since we have heard the worship leader to turn our phones off as service begins.

    I believe some technology hinders deep meanful relationships. Texting instead of talking to each other, emailing “chain prayers” that cover a plethora of issues, because you have no idea what that relative or friend is going through. How many characters can you tweet? Not enough to explain the pain one feels with challenge of losing a job, home, or loved one.

    Relationships are built by interacting and strengthened by touch. The smile you receive, the shaking of hands, and the hug that embraces your soul. You can’t build a house with only some of the materials. You can’t build a true, meaningful, lasting relationship with the Lord with only some of his words. Read the Word for yourself.


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