Dumb. Hair color not in question.

I just met Kim Zmeskal, a woman who found a way to overcome a profound challenge in her life to still come out on top.  I’m intrigued by the things I’ve been exposed to this week: the man with no arms or legs who threw an inaugural baseball pitch, and now, a retired Olympian who was booted out of the sport much sooner than anticipated but still lives the dream

What’s about to happen, Lord?!?

I originally wanted to share with you all a new fave on GodTube but I’ve ran across something else during my sleepy trip around the Internet that I’d like to sound off on: our country is dumb.  No blonde jokes necessary, we’ve got stats to prove it.

What it might take for us to fix this problem is already happening in California.  (Which, I must admit, scared me half to death when I was younger and my grandpa told me about kids being trapped “forever” with teachers…*shudders*…those poor teachers!)

Click the article and tell me what you think.  Oh, and how are you this weekend?

~ Ashley…zzzzzzzz


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