Watch Your Mouth!

In this continuously improving walk of mine my greatest challenge remains my mouth.  Usually not one to think before I speak, I’ve dug some deep holes in my short lifetime.  I cannot lie, however, and say that I wasn’t proud of the fact that I knew how to samurai slice folks with words.  I’m getting better…I’m more-so a “I’m gonna tell Jesus on you” tattle-tell now, just to remind myself that there’s someone much greater who can deal with my problems before I decide to say something.

I’ll find my happy medium someday.  Just…pray for me…

Anywho, yesterday, I read my horoscope for the first time in roughly 6 years.  (Something I read said that Christians don’t need to read it…something or another…I can’t remember but I know that it stuck with me and I went back to consulting the Lord!)  In a nutshell, it told me that a situation was going to frustrate me today and my mouth would commence to writing a check I really shouldn’t try to cash.  I was floored.  There I was, not feeling well and set for a 12-hour shift, aware that something was going to “take me to the edge!”  I spent a great chunk of the day suspicious of the usual suspects, and when a circumstance really did arise that had me slowly turning into She-Hulk, I slid under my desk…and prayed.

BEHOLD, A CONNECTION WAS MADE!  I acknowledged that the horoscope was my red flag from Jesus!  I had an obvious head’s up!

Was it really all because I decided to go to Yahoo! Horoscopes though?

Don’t I receive a head’s up each morning that God?  He reminds me to have compassion for others, to be a virtuous woman who speak wisely, and—most importantly—to watch my mouth

James 3 tells us specifically why we must defend ourselves against our own tongue in interesting detail.  No matter how hard we strive to be a positive influence in the world, our lil’ ol’ tongue is an immediate evil standing in the way!  Well, I’d like to declare today as the beginning of the Watch Yo’ Mouth Movement.  Seriously! 

When gossip comes your way, you better watch yo’ mouth!  When your mate is frustrating you, you better watch yo’ mouth!  When you’re repeating that line you told your kids you’d only say “once,” you REALLY better watch yo’ mouth!

We can do this, I know it.  Spread the gospel today by first seeking God’s will for you, and not putting your mix in the soup.  WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!!!

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