“Life” Doesn’t Trump the Manual for Life

*Makes stinky face*  Oh Bible, how I’ve failed thee.

What is it, May 6th?  Yeah, I’m SO behind in my 90-day experience.  I set out with positive intentions, I truly did!  I’ve allowed life to get in the way.  I’m juggling tasks at work, sleeping sporadically, and trying to be a supportive spouse while my husband is making strides in his career.  We knocked our Mother’s Day gift in ample time; and, I have a letter to my Mama that I’ll be posting as a gift to her spirit.

But my wordly life is too intense if it’s preventing me from making the time for God.

I’m a praying lady—in fact, I like to call myself a Prayer Warrior!  And I know how to lean on the Lord.  I’m talkin’ falling out on the Lord.  He’s my strength, afterall, and at very weak and vulnerable times, He’s the one to dab my tears and tell me to prepare for the next step.  So, why am I neglecting the Bible right now?

*This is the part where you imagine a camera zooming into my brain so you can hear my internal dialogue…*

Well, first off, it takes time to really read the Bible.  I love to read, and I’m a nerd (the spirited nerd!), so I really dig deep while reading and allow my mind to explore.  If I’m reading the Word and I find something that I want to know more about, well, a quick moment to read can easily turn into an hour or two. 

My argument: I cannot carve that time out consistently.

The truth: It’s 4:48am PST.  If I’m up now and blogging, I most certainly CAN carve that time out.

Oh…kay.  Well, I carry the Bible around with me and when I try to read it during my lunch break, I get distracted with trying to catch up with coworkers.

My argument: The Bible can be an inconvenience to my life.

The truth: Without the Word, my “life” is meaningless.

Well.  Looks like I’m out of excuses built upon my “logic.”  I guess I better get to reading.

*Zoom out!*

I said I’m going to accomplish a life goal in 90 days, and I mean it.  Watch out there now!

~ Ashley


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