Housewife | Part I

This evening, I was exposed to Taryn Cox, a woman behind the popular blog “The Wife.”  While watching the presentation about her on the evening news, I found myself intrigued yet cringing.  I don’t know what to make of the 1940s and 50s idea of a housewife.

Although not married, Cox clearly states that these are her philosphies and thoughts about what the ideal wife should be.  She even sites women, such as former first lady Jackie O., actor/singer Gwyneth Paltrow, and current FLOTUS Michelle Obama, as great examples of the ideal wife.  Hmm.  Interesting.  I’ll tell you why.

Roughly 3 years ago, I was working with a young lady who’s aspiration was to be a housewife and stay-at-home mother.  It made my skin crawl.  She was in college, actively modeling, and was once on the same dance team as me—she had oodles of options.  So, it just didn’t add up to me how she’d do all these amazing things but (still) want to be “just” a housewife.

No too long after I totally dissed her dream, I started finding articles about highly educated women who genuinely aspired to be housewives.  Seriously?  What mystique was I missing?!  My understanding of a housewife was that of a repressed woman.  Now, my definition is much more cloudy.

Isn’t it funny how we know all the paths that lead to divorce, but are ignorant of the paths to successful marriages?  Isn’t it funny how women can have a laundry list of what their spouse needs to change in order for things to “work,” but all our spouses ask is that we desire them?  Was there something to it 50-60 years ago that actually worked and we’ve missed it since we were busy burning bras and what-not?

I’m confused.  Proverbs 31:10-31 makes clear reference to a wife of noble character—there’s no confusion about the expectations there.  I’m looking around my bedroom right now at the amounts clothing that haven’t quite made their way to the hamper, and a host of other things, and I just don’t see how a housewife shows composure!

Eh…I’ll get into this again a little later.  It’s going somewhere, I promise…



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