Royal Submission

It’s international news: Prince William married Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011.

Associated Press photo featured on

A young woman, with no aristocratic background, really married a prince, and will now (until further notice) be remembered as the  “poster child” for fairy tales that come true.  Pomp and circumstance aside, I believe the world was exposed to an amazing Christian experience and the outward acceptance of Her Royal Highness’ new rule: the submissive wife.

I won’t be diving into this today, but I will say this: she has made a HUGE commitment to being married and supporting her husband.  The life he’s always lived, she’s experienced parts of it for almost a decade, but now it will be a part of her everyday living, too.  The degree she earned, the woman she independently was, will have to take a backseat to royal living.
She knew all of this beforehand, I’m sure of it.  She is a woman who is mesmorizing to me because she is genuinely happy to take the side-seat or backseat to her husband.  It’s a great expression of humility.
I wish them luck and many continued blessings.

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