B90x Challenge starts May 1st

What a way to commemorate another year of life: the Read the Entire Bible in 90 Days challenge kicks off on my birthday!

I’ll be posting the scriptures throughout this experience for those interested in keeping up.  There’s an amazing blog in the blogosphere by Amy Gross called Mom’s Toolbox that might be a great place for those of you to follow if you don’t feel called/led to experience this at this time.  Years ago, she took on the 90-day challenge and came out of it more aware of her calling to guide others through the Bible.  She took 97 days her first go-around to read the Bible in its entirety (Yes, I said first go-around–she goes through it with each of her groups, each time!) but came out on the other side feeling closer to God than she ever knew herself to be.

Her next blog group session will kick off July 11th.

To encourage you to actually read the Word on your own, I will not be writing detailed notes for the public.  I’m supposed to be kicking off (More) Open Learning on May 1st, too, but I’m going to wait until the plan for that ministry is more clear.  So, if you’re coming along for the ride, you have to be responsible for your reading.  I am not the way, Jesus is, and you can only learn about Him, God’s promises, etc., by reading the Bible.

It’s gonna be fun, I promise!  We’re #winning together, lol!

~ Ashley

P.S. Follow @TheSpirtedNerd on Twitter.com now!  I’ll be keeping track of my readings there under the hash tag B90x, too.


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