How I committed to Lent

From Ash Wednesday until today, I committed to the Lenten season.  Although not a Catholic, my denomination does observe Lent as a time of preparation for Holy Week, which ends tomorrow.  I avoided Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messaging, and (until last Saturday for work purposes) text messages for 40+ days.

I did a great job of it, too!

I learned how to really converse with the Lord, and found various ways to fast throughout the experience.  It’s the first time in my life that I committed the whole way.  I definitely missed the constant updates about my friend’s and family’s lives, but God was able to guide me to a new level of dependency upon Him these past 40 days.

Even more so, now I have this lovely blog to share with even more folks who wondered where I was on the internet, lol!  So, did you participate in the Lenten season?  What did you learn and how did you grow?

~ Ashley


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