Let It Shine, Let It Shine!

It’s Good Friday!

I don’t have a “holiday” focus for this entry.  In fact, it’s just a friendly reminder to sing “This Little Light of Mine” and live it out.

Read this article and share your thoughts!

~ Ashley


5 thoughts on “Let It Shine, Let It Shine!

  1. Twyla Griffin

    Self-reflection is good for the soul. So, I asked myself….”self, can anyone see your light?” In full disclosure, it probably depends on the day, well maybe the moment. So, I confess this probably makes me a “Situational Light”. My light shines brightest based on the situation. This past week I have worked on having a heart for full of gratefulness so there was no room for complaining. I think I scored a 9 of 10. Please, hold the applause. LOL.
    So, today my prayer is that tomorrow when I celebrate the resurrection, I will get up and represent my Redeemer. It is like a ship at sea being guided by the lighthouse to the safe shores. I image that ship to be a lost soul and I’m the lighthouse. Batten down the hatches and hold on….I’m changing the lattern the light will be with you shortly. Lost soul I promise, I will get you safely to the shore.

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