Hitting the Streets for G-O-D

First, let me say that I forgot to share an Open Learning entry yesterday.  *Sighs*  I know, I know, I must wear the cone of shame.  I’ll try to post something within the next two days…or, maybe I won’t.  Easter’s coming, ya know…I don’t want to distract ya!

Anywho, I’ve always loved cross pendants and have had a few over the years.  (I’m actually due for one.  Hmmm…birthday gift to myself?!)  And, for a brief moment in time, I was excited about those prayer handkerchiefs and the lovely purple ones that many receive after confirmation.  Aside from VeggieTales, I didn’t have any up-to-date cool Christian thing to show off.

That was until I found C28 and NOTW.  First, C28 is a retail store like Hot Topic…only it’s for Christians.  Instead of finding derogatory t-shirts and Twilight memorabilia everywhere, you’d find religious jewelry, modern music, and various clothing lines, like the super-awesome NOTW line.  (Screams like the lead from Aerosmith.)

Not Of This World (NOTW) is the bee’s knees in my world, lol.  My Blackberry has a NOTW logo plastered as the wallpaper.  My Facebook profile pic is a silohoutte of a guy with the NOTW logo on his chest.  I’m not of this world, and I love it!  (I wasn’t off this world to begin with, what with my child-like wonder towards the world, equipped with excited flailing motions, marching movements like a 1-year-old, and thrilled clapping.  I enjoy life.  Dont’ you judge me.)

The website is awesome because it highlights C28’s unique form of ministry from top to bottom.  Also, it’s awesome because they allowed me to join the ranks of thousands of other C28 Street Team members!  Yesssss!  So, help me by spreading the word about these products!

~ Ashley


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