“Squeezing” in Sabbath

It’s 4:08am Pacific and I’m wide awake at my evening job.  Mind you, I spend my mornings earning a paycheck elsewhere, and I’m studying for a religious studies degree, as well as working on developing a new company. (Whew!)  I’ve always been a multitasker, whether by desire or circumstance, but I lurves me some Sabbath.

Kyria.com blogger Beatrice Rusu wrote a great piece about the Sabbath, entitled “Wholehearted Sabbath,” earlier this week.  While reading it this morning, a smile came across my face.  Even in the chaos of my current–temporary, thank you Jesus!–schedule, I still find this necessary time each week.  I go back and forth with the debate on which day the Sabbath is actually on, but ultimately, Saturday or Sunday has a clear period of rest and reflection.

I never feel like I have to squeeze this into my schedule.  In fact, I plan around it.  I spent many years working on the weekends, but I’m finally at a point in my walk, and in my earning potential (I’m just saying…), where I can give that time back to the Lord and my family. 

We’re making our way into Wednesday (*Looks for a calendar* Right?  It’s Wednesday, right? …Yeah, it’s Wednesday, lol.) so we’re not far from the Sabbath.  What do you delight in during that special time with the Lord?

~ Ashley


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