Easter Goodies 2011!

I haven’t had an Easter basket in years, but I always enjoyed the custom baskets my Mama would make. The last one I received was during my freshman year of college, stuffed with love and prayer and school supplies and chocolates. Great stuff!

This entry, however, is not about the basket per-se, but about goodies from Christianbooks.com online store that you, your family, and your loved ones can appreciate!

#1 VeggieTales Egg Huggers

Hi, my name is Ashley and I dig VeggieTales.  (Go ahead and insert the “Hi, Ashley” here.)  Who better than a veggie, like leader-of-the-pack Larry the Cucumber, to remind you of the importance of your health both internally and spiritually?  I mean, come on, his favorite Bible verse is perfection!  So, if your kids dig VeggieTales like I do, the egg huggers will be a smash.  Wait, let’s go with they’ll be perfect, cuz no one likes a smashed egg.

#2 No Wonder They Call Him Savior

I’m anticipating the arrival of this book and definitely feel it’s worth passing along to adult readers.  The author, Max Lucado, even shares a snippet of the book for you to read and you can buy the book for family and friends, too.

#3 Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Kit

This is the most winning of all the winningness things I could tell you about.  Why, you ask?  Because it provides fun and evangelism at the same time, that’s why!  This kit gives you the tools to host an egg hunt and provides invitations to your church to pass out to the participants and their families.  How many times have you told a friend that they should come visit your church and they haven’t just yet?  Try this.  Afterall, no one can resist an Easter egg hunt.

~ Ashley


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