Trust in the Lord

Psalm 9:10 ”Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.” (NLT)

Let’s be honest: we aren’t always open to trusting others.  At an early age, we start to develop a suspicion of others and situations; and, by the time we’re adults, many of us find ourselves armor-suited against the world!  And what about our tendency to complain about (almost) everything?  These are unfortunate truths about human nature, but there is hope for us.  Just take a look at the book of Psalms.

In Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (shoutout to Michigan!) writer Robert J. V. Hiebert notes that, “There are more complaint psalms…than there are of any other type.”  Wow.  Were you aware of that?  Granted, these complaints—be it from an individual or from the community—were a way to voice hardship to the Lord, they were complaints nonetheless.  We are welcome to bring our burdens to God, but we should be even more eager to build up our trust in Him.

Trust is an amazing thing: it’s a reliance, a belief, a faith.  As Christians, our whole understanding of our heavenly Father is based on belief and faith.  We cannot see Him, but we believe He’s omnipresent.  We aren’t capable of making a way out of no way, but we hold tight to our faith that He will make miracles happen in our lives.  If we’re accepting the tenants of trust, why do we have so much difficulty trusting God to take great care of us?  Why do we find ourselves still trying to solve our problems instead of first thanking Him for being our cover in the storm and trusting that He is the light at the end of the tunnel that will guide us?

Take time to meditate on the scripture above, and share your thoughts/insight with other Open Learners today.

And, of course, TRUST in the Lord…right now.


3 thoughts on “Trust in the Lord

  1. chosenwoman

    Trust is hard for us and it comes from our life experiences we have had, we been disappointed, hurt and for that we don’t trust even with God we don’t truly whole heartly trust HIM.

    We trust Him with certain parts of our lives but the areas He want us to give to Him we fight and wrestle, I explain trust with God this way. We will board a plane and trust that the pilot will get us to our destination safely, we trust him for we know he has gone to school had spent time in fight school and all. And we don’t even know the pilot of the attendants on the plane but we trust them completely.

    But when it comes to Christ we hesitate, why, don’t we know who He is, His word tells us who He is, we’ve seen what He can do, and we see how much He loves us but yet we struggle with trusting Him. Doesn’t make sense does it?

  2. Twyla Griffin

    Trust. Such a simple word with huge meaning. I think the key to growing to trust God is to stop the complaining. When we are grateful for all that we have (even difficulties) and see God’s presence in our lives we get to a point where we are thankful that he is who he says he his and is doing what he said he would do. Period! I can’t trust God when I am complaining. I want to share something I copied from a daily devotional:
    — Your words can pollute or purify. If you constantly complain, you release poison into your life. Complaining is not based on your circumstances; it’s based on the attitude of your heart. If you keep the right attitude during your time of adversity, God will honor you. When you have a heart full of gratitude, it leaves no room for complaining. There is always something to thank God for, no matter what kind of adversity you have in your life. Start by thanking Him for giving you life and salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank Him for the air you breathe and the sunsets you enjoy. Thank Him for the promise in His Word that no matter where you are in life, He is leading, guiding and prospering you. Decide today to live a life of thanksgiving. Don’t allow the poison of complaining to prevent you from receiving all God has for you! —-
    If I trust God with all my heart, what in the world do I have to complain about?

    1. TheSpiritedNerd Post author

      I absolutely love this devotional, especially the fact that there isn’t room for complaining when you’re full of gratitude. You’ve definitely watched my spiritual growth over the years and my level of complaining has decreased. Now, if we can use my stubborn energy for something else, we’ll be on the ball!


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