Cornballs and Google vs. Yahoo!

My husband…*shakes head*…my husband has a way with words.

Not one to get overly riled up about many things, XBox360 video games has proven itself to be a worthy adversary.  While playing NBA 2K11, I learned of a word that has serious force.

The word is “cornball,” and my husband used it with a vengeance for an hour last night.

Go ahead, Google it*, I’ll wait.  Yes, you see that definition?  Did you check the one underneath it from  I’m assuming that’s the definition he was going with!  (Side note: I encourage you to only read the first definition if you click that link.  I don’t know how you feel about…language…but I can promise you that by the time you reach #4 you won’t be too pleased. I’m just saying!)  A video game avatar frustrated him to the point where everything—everything!—was called a cornball last night!

Me: “Is there, like, one particular cornball?”

Him: “All of ’em!  I’m confused at how cornball they’re acting.  I’m ashamed to call them my teammates.  Such cornballs!”

Well…okay.  Very interesting.  Let’s get to that asterisk, shall we?!

I received an email that had all these corny “letters” and I just had to share this one with you:

Dear Yahoo!,

I’ve never heard anyone say, “I dunno.  Let’s Yahoo!  it.”  I’m just saying…



HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I lurves it!


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