The Feeling of Direction

Thank God it’s Friday!  After the lovely dinner I had with my coworkers that, ultimately, has left me with a delightful stomach ache since about 1am yesterday (cue the Howard Dean scream), I’m glad the weekend is here.  I intend on doing much of nothing.

Until the nothing kicks in, however, I’m checking out various ministries.  I have some buddies who share the Word of God through wholesome films, sharing the gospel in Africa, and through dance.  Since I’ve returned to blogging, I’ve found many bloggers who use it as platform to share their unique experiences, too.  From mission work to in-depth apologetics, ministry is as diverse as our denominations.

I know that my calling is teaching.  Perhaps not on the same plateau as Beth Moore, but definitely with the same amount of passion.  I want to focus on women’s ministry, but God has me leaning towards tweens and teens.  It was easier to take 14 years to give myself to His will about being a teacher…but kids, Lord?!  How am I going to reach out to those who “know” more than I do?!

Eh.  It’s His will be done…I can only follow suit.  Are you answering His call?  What’s holding you back?

~ Ashley


One thought on “The Feeling of Direction

  1. Daphne

    I am enjoying your light hearted spirit. I am answering his call and following him. Not sure where he is leading me, things seemed to have taken a different turn the last few months, but I told him I would go where ever he leads me so here I go.


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