PowerPoint for Jesus

Has it happened at your church yet?  You know…PowerPoint.  I didn’t know of this phenomenon that is Church PowerPoint until I started attending SoCal churches.  Coming from the corporate side of life, where PowerPoint can translate to an awful experience, I’ve been blown away by this for months now.

Today, the awesomeness has gone a step further…I’ve found a website full of church templates for free!  Make it stop!  MAKE IT STOP!  I want to go into church PowerPoint design!  YESSSSSS!  The website’s founder, Rev. Dorothy Okray, came up with the idea during her time as a United Methodist pastor at several churches.  I think it’s mighty fine!  (Although, as a sidenote, I’m having a hard time with the new UMC website.  I mean, nothing was wrong with the old one!  I guess Jesus has to look cool in order for more people to enjoy religion…I dunno…)

*Clears throat* Okay, all seriousness now.  I, Ashley the Spirited Nerd, offer my PowerPoint ministry services under the business name PowerPointin’ for Jesus.  It’s fresh, it’s funky, it’s PowerPoint…for Jesus.

There are companies all over the ‘net that specialize in this.  I missed my opportunity to corner the market!  Check this company out, and tell me that your graphic design itch isn’t aching to be scratched?  All those little flyers you used to make on Word or, if you were fancy, Publisher, mean NOTHING now!

I wanna be down.  I’m gonna find a way to be down with the PPC. (That’s PowerPoint cause, just in case you were wondering.)  Yeah, you know me.  I’m down with PPC!


2 thoughts on “PowerPoint for Jesus

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