I heart Gayle

So, before I took my leave of absence from Facebook, Twitter, text messages and BBM (cuz, until Easter, this is how I roll) it was public knowledge that I was searching for a church in SoCal.  My church back in metro-Detroit, Hope United Methodist Church, certainly makes it hard for my husband and me to fall in love with another congregation, but I’ve been committed.

So, when I made a visit to Calvary Chapel South Bay one go-around, I instantly and unexpectedly fell for…another person…a much older person at that…

Enter Gayle D. Erwin.

Now, I know some of you might be giving my blog this 0_o look right now, but trust me, Gayle’s cool!  I mean, check him out!

I bet your pastor doesn't rock the Hawaiian-themed shirt!

I fell for this short, smiley, suspender-wearing man after he did a sermon on the Good News about 2 months ago.  I’m even more enamored with him now because he’s got a cute sense of humor.  So, I leave you with one of his many parables, and encourage you to check out his website for freebies.


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