Brothers and Sisters

There’s a TV show that I (used to) watch called “Brothers & Sisters” on ABC.  The characters were diverse and the show definitely took viewers on an emotional roller coaster.  Now, whether or not it was similar to the viewer’s upbringing is up for debate; but, many of us have siblings.  And, if not by blood, our siblings are those people we’ve developed deep bonds with.

I try to keep in touch with my siblings, but all the technology in the world doesn’t make it an easy task.  I’ve got sisters around the U.S., and one overseas.  I’ve got play-brothers and sisters just near and far.  We’re a unit.  We can pick up the phone, type up and email, or thumb our way through a text message to share our lives with one another.

We have to look out for one another, and we should want to be positive role models for one another.  Right now, I have a family member who isn’t speaking to his older brother because his confidence was betrayed.  I’m not ignoring that, but someone has to want to be the adult in this. Don’t let petty things stand in the way of strengthening and renewing your ties with your sibs.

So…when’s the last time you checked in on your brothers and sisters?  Are you your brother’s keeper?  You should be.



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